Name a Kitty


With our Initial Kitty Offering coming up on the horizon, we want to give you the unique opportunity to make sure your favourite kitty will be part of KittyCash in the future. Our cats have all kinds of names, but to make sure that your favourite name will be part of the name pool, you have to participate in our name-sourcing.

Share our post on Facebook, Twitter or mention us in your Instagram story and you will be able to submit one name that will definitely be distributed in our IKO. You can also promote our project on Reddit. Make sure you do that outside the Skycoin subreddit, as we are already present there. Also be aware that Reddit promotion will only be accepted if your post is still online at the time of the IKO.

Once you have done one or all of the above promotions you can access the Google Form below and subscribe to our mailing list to submit your favourite name. Overly political or otherwise inappropriate names will not be accepted. Our kitties will have only one name. Surnames will therefore not be accepted.