Psst! Limited Kitties!

The KittyCash project is still in its early phase of development. While we believe in the potential of KittyCash, we are aware of the huge amount of development that will be required to achieve our aims. Pursuing the gamification of the blockchain by employing the revolutionary Skyledger technology will positively contribute to the public perception of blockchain technology and bring cute kitties into the Skyledger ecosystem. However, to speed up the development of KittyCash, we need your help!

We will be selling a limited number of first-generation kitties that are handmade by our artists and are equipped with legendary traits. To provide early supporters of our project with something unique and truly special, we will sell 24 legendary kitties. Those kitties can be reserved by anyone who is willing to contribute to our project and receive one of the handmade beauties. These cats will be able to mate with other kitties and be able to hand down some of their rare traits to future generations. They will possess very high in-game traits that will make them strong characters in mini-games and they are not able to die. Thus they do not require feeding and are not affected by in-game mortality.

There will be twelve legendary kitties that are chosen by the developer team. They will be revealed one by one over the next weeks and will feature superheroes, crypto-legends and other interesting characters.

Twelve more cats will be tailor made to suit the wishes of the contributors. Everyone who would like to create a special, fully customizable cat can submit suggestions and wishes regarding the design to our artists. These will work together to make sure that the cats look exactly as desired.

The contributions raised through our legendary kitties will go towards the development of the KittyCash infrastructure and help to speed up the realization of our vision.

Have a look at the legendary cats here