Kitty World

At first glance KittyCash might look like an imitation of existing blockchain-collectables. Sweet kitties on a blockchain that are sold for thousands of dollars – you have probably heard of that before. Traditional crypto-collectables such as CryptoKitties aimed to make blockchain more accessible and improve the image of the technology with a game of cute cats. However, …

The limitations of the Ethereum blockchain make it hard for CryptoKitties to actually achieve those aims. The cats cannot be used for anything else than breeding and the Ethereum blockchain becomes congested with transactions regularly. With KittyCash we develop a game that uses the revolutionary Skyledger technology to create a working platform for our kitties. We will create a blockchain game with free and ultra-fast transactions that far surpasses the gaming experience of CryptoKitties. We are the second generation of blockchain-collectables.

KittyCash develops an exciting and interactive game platform, where users can customize their cats and compete in community contests, play mini-games on the Skyledger platform with their kitties as avatars and breed and sell the unique offspring of their pets. It thereby makes use of the technological potential that the Skyledger ecosystem offers and transcends the limitations of traditional collectables. With expanded game applications and an improved blockchain technology, KittyCash represents the future of blockchain gaming. Join our community now and make sure to not miss out on the auction of our 1st generation kitties.